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Why am I Here?

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Do you know why you were born? What you are here to do?

Your purpose depends on your gifts. Do you know what your gifts are? Everyone has at least one. Your gifts are  the traits and abilities and passions that define you, that give you your unique identity. The ones that can be used for the good of others.

I watch so many people dismiss their own giftedness. The things that they do well, they cut down  and say, “Oh, anyone can do that, that is nothing special.”  Or, “Why doesn’t that person do what I do? Why do I always have

This is how using your gifts should make you feel. Photo by Anita Peppers,
This is how using your gifts should make you feel. Photo by Anita Peppers,

to be the one to do it?” If you say or think these things, you may be de-valuing  your unique gifts. I’ll show you what I mean by telling you about my friend Heather.

Doing What You Love

I love working on volunteer projects with her because Heather will happily do things that, to me, if I had to do them…..well,  truly I’d rather stick needles in my eyes. I value what she does so much, I don’t know if she has any idea how hard those things would be for me because they seem to come so easy to her.

I’ve learned not to volunteer for those kinds of jobs because I hate them and it makes me unhappy. But I contribute to the projects doing the things that I like to do, that maybe she wouldn’t think of doing. I don’t moan and whine that I have to do all the writing. I like it. She doesn’t complain that she organizes the events. She’s great at it. We appreciate each other’s contribution and we don’t try to make each other like the other. She uses her gifts, I use mine. Perfect.

Finding how to use your gifts in the way that brings you joy, rather than depletes you, should lead you to your purpose in life.

Do You Have Something to Offer?

I don’t care what you think is wrong with you, or how “defective”  or limited you think you are. Today is a new day. There is something of beauty inside of you that, when expressed, brings goodness to those around you. However tightly you cling to the belief that you were overlooked when “the gifts” were given out, I guarantee you were not.

So what it is that you love to do? What is it that you do that feels good when you do it? What did you always think you would like to do that you are not doing now? Start there.

Do what you love, find your purpose. Photo by Scott Middell,
Do what you love, find your purpose. Photo by Scott Middell,

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