Stop and Take Notice of Your Insides

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I am walking down the steps. The goldendoodle we are sitting for is at the bottom, looking for all the world like a raggedy stuffed animal toy from an alien planet.  Her cuteness makes me smile. She will go home tomorrow and the long curly white dog hairs and pieces of chew toy all over the rugs and couch will be expunged. I will welcome the peace that replaces the mess and chaos. At the same time,  I will miss the funny, joyful dog.

Stop and savor the sunset.
Stop and savor the sunset.

If you took a snapshot of my heart just then, as I paused on the steps to soak in what I was feeling, it would transmit  joy and thanksgiving. I love my life and all the good things in it.  I stood there for awhile, mid-staircase, savoring it all.

Funny goldendoodle - makes me smile.
Funny goldendoodle – makes me smile.

Life would have us all be too busy to stop and notice warm moments like these. 

Rituals and holidays are important, but some of them create so much busy-ness, they drown out the meaning  they claim to exist for.  I don’t want to be told I need to eat turkey and feel grateful today.

I think the better message is to take some things off your plate, stop what you are doing and notice these moments of joy and gratitude as they occur naturally. It takes practice to do this, and awareness, and openness.  We sometimes use the busy-ness of life and holidays to protect our hearts from opening to the deep-real. That is like knowing the heart beats without feeling its life-giving rhythm.

Goldendoodle with boy at sunset. Photo by M. DeLuca
Goldendoodle/alien stuffed animal with boy at sunset.


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