Lisa C. DeLuca
Lisa C. DeLuca

Welcome to my blog. I am a psychotherapist and a  writer.

My work centers around words: helping both my psychotherapy clients and my writing clients find and express the words that best represent their truth.

My psychotherapy practice is heavily influenced by Murray Bowen’s family systems theory. I work with teens, young adults, adults, families and couples. I also specialize in treating panic disorder and agoraphobia, anxiety and depression. Issues addressed are relationships, communication, personal growth, self-empowerment, life purpose, mood, past and present. Working with families whose members are chronically ill or at the end of life  is another area of expertise.

I write articles and blog posts about mental health, parenting, the environment, spirituality, personal self-development, and more. I have published over 200 articles on the web for various websites.

My private psychotherapy practice is in Southold, NY. I  am also available to write or edit copy for your website or print materials.

In addition to this blog I am developing two websites of my own

 LisaCDeLuca.com : Personal growth and mental health in plain and encouraging language, and

LisaAndBob.com : Live greener, connect with nature, be the change you want to see

For additional information about my services, please contact me.


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