Don’t Just “Get Through” It

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What are we always waiting for that we think is better than what we have right now? I want to do more than just “get through” the day, the work-week, the school year, college, the kids college, the daily chores, and my whole life up until retirement.

Today I stopped and looked – just looked – at my children and absorbed them into my heart, just as they were in that ordinary moment. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

I don’t want to retire from living until the life has left my body. Every moment carries a possibility of igniting the passion that leads to the meaning of life.

Keep your hart and soul open to the sparks. Photo: Dantada,
Keep your heart and soul open to the sparks. Photo: Dantada,

Being open to these possibilities, I’ve learned, requires practice and attention. It involves keeping the heart open.

A few years ago I was sick for five months. The worst part was being unable to take care of my children, who were young. The daily chores that used to be mundane and annoying to me were not an option now. I felt helpless. As a mother of small children, helpless is maybe the worst feeling you could have. But I was still well enough to do laundry. My folding those clothes took on new meaning for me. I did it religiously. It was my great act of love for my family, and I was grateful, at the time, that I could even do it since I couldn’t do all that much else for them.

When I do housework now, having been restored to full health, I have this new perspective about it. Do I forget and complain sometimes? Sure. But I have this opportunity now, to be alive, in love and gratitude, when I am doing housework, rather than just getting through it.

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