Where is Your Light?

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It’s dark sometimes, darkness falls on us. Where is your light…the light that keeps you from disappearing into the emptiness…the way out of despair that you know is there, even if you can’t quite access it every moment? What do you call that light?

Grab on to the light like a life-saving rope.
Grab on to the light like a life-saving rope. Photo: Jane M. Sawyer, Morguefile.com

Keep your eyes and heart and mind fixed on this light. Imagine that this light exists in two places at once. It flickers somewhere inside of you. And it’s up high, outside of you too, ahead of you, coming from a generous giving source, that you can reach for.

To draw closer to the light,  go inside and reach outside of yourself in tandem. To do this, get to know who you are, see  yourself, but don’t stay inside too long. Then from your core, reach out to help others who are worse off than you. Reach out to  others who are wiser than you. Stretch yourself up to the higher good of all.  Bring all of what you find back inside of you and sit with it for awhile, then reach out again. This, I have found,  is the way out of darkness. It’s the way to find the Divine.

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The information in this post is general information and is not a substitute for personal mental health advice.


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